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The story...

Black hair. Brown skin. Should be easy enough to find products for these things necessary to take care of yourself. Some stores got you if you’re between the shades of translucent and buff beige. Others may have your hair products but they are double the price and they only have five bottles for the whole black community of Austin. My black hair and brown skin is truly a blessing. I mean how many people can say that their skin shimmers in the sun or that their hair is capable of defying gravity. Where did I get these things you ask? Well let’s do some history:

When enslaved Africans were first kidnapped and brought to the US and other countries, one of the first things that was done to degrade them was to cut off their hair or “the wool” as they called it. Blacks had begun to use whatever they could easily access to nurture their hair and skin such as butter or bacon grease. Post civil war the need for black products, barbers and stylist greatly increased. These products, beauty and barber shops, originally black owned, gave way for black people to care for themselves and each other. As time progressed, we found that these companies are no longer owned by us, but that is still where our money is going. We often find ourselves using these product now finding negative results. These products are no longer made with love and history, but only for profit. This begins the cycle of not taking care of yourself or not doing it properly. The reason for this is simply because these items were not made for us or by us. What did we think we would get?

So my “quick fix” to that was to make my own products and redefine my view on what beauty is. Beauty comes in many shades, textures, shapes and curl patterns. I cannot put on snowball white, that ain’t gone cover this shade of cocoa espresso brown and I’m sorry, but I do not use shampoo often, but that conditioner needs to always be on point

So let’s begin to help ourselves and each other by doing it ourselves. Let me show you how I do it, so check out products made for you, by me, with love.

Thank you! - Love Kae.