Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub


I use the Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub to give my face and body a boost! I use this on my face as a daily moisturizing exfoliator. I have used store bought exfoliators and they often left my skin VERY dry, causing me to have to use a moisturizer as well. This gives me both products in one and is cheaper than buying both products. I also use this product as a lip scrub before I apply my lipstick!

*NOTE: You can also substitute the brown sugar for white cane sugar if you want a more cleansing scrub.


Brown sugar 

Olive oil 

Vanilla Extract



  1. Put brown sugar in medium sized bowl

  2. Add in olive oil and stir until evenly mixed (This is important to ensure an even mixture before adding last two ingredients)

  3. Add vanilla extract and honey, stir until evenly mixed

  4. Put into your favorite container and enjoy!

*NOTE: If left in an area such as your shower or bathroom, this sugar and oil may separate slightly. Just give it a quick stir to get it back to normal!

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