Tea Tree Face Wash

Tea Tree Face Wash

Tea Tree Face Wash

Description: This face wash has been keeping my skin glowing not only in the United States, but it is great for the sweat and humidity of Nicaragua! I love using this face wash to start my morning because it literally wakes up my face with the vibrant scents of tea tree and peppermint. This is the first face wash I have used that gives me that clean feeling, moisture and glow without any excess!


Bottle for safe keeping


Almond oil 

Vitamin E oil 

Castile Soap 



Tea Tree Oil 

Peppermint Oil 


  1. Add almond and vitamin E oils to the bottle

  2. Add water and shake

  3. Add in honey ( I sometimes warm it first, this makes it easier to combine with other ingredients)

  4. Add in castile soap (be sure to add in after water to keep it from sudsing up)

  5. Add in Tea Tree and Peppermint oils and Enjoy!


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